Magnus Lindberg

I will probably do this trip on my own. Depending partly of what vehicle I will use there may be restrictions in available space.
Who am I?
I'm born in 1983 in the most south part of Sweden; where I still live.
I'm working in technical development.
I have a son, born in 2012, with whom I live every second week. I hope he will travel with me as he becomes older. Loving rural setting and everything about it, like outdoor cooking and camping and exploring and with inspiration from e.g Expedition Overland and 4XOverland and all the other overlanding teams.
And the interest for cars added to that, I suddenly realised that overlanding is there perfect mix of my interests.
And since I have been talking about this Cape North-trip for several years I decided it was time to start planning for the trip. Many parts like funding, car and so on not yet arranged I have a backup plan - less sophisticated but an acceptable compromise to perform the trip.
Since I probably will be on my own filming and photographing will be harder but still manageable I hope.